Transport, Warehousing, Storage & Distribution


As part of our commitment to providing a complete “door to door” service and ensuring total quality management, Global Transport Logistics provides a comprehensive service in wharf transport, container & general storage, warehousing & distribution as well as general land logistics.

With priority carrier status at Fremantle Port and an extensive fleet of company owned and operated vehicles we ensure your cargo is carried exclusively by Global Transport Logistics , in a safe, reliable, cost effective manner, with delivery on time on budget every time.

Enhancing our reputation as a total service provider is our capacity to fulfill our clients needs with regards to out of gauge movements, pilot vehicles, overweight loads, sideloader services, tipping skels and movement of packaged dangerous goods.

What ever your transport requirement Global Transport Logistics can provide the answer.

Transport Services 

  • 155851696Priority Carrier status
  • Wharf bookings
  • Sidelaoder FCL 20 & 40 ft
  • Standard FCL 20 & 40 ft
  • Drop Trailers FCL 20 & 40 ft
  • Tipping Skels
  • LCL
  • Tautliners
  • Pocket Road Trains
  • Packaged Dangerous cargo
  • Out of gauge / Over weight cargo
  • Pilot vehicle
  • Courier service

With over 10,000 square meters of hard stand and 5000 square meters of secure warehouse space Global Transport Logistics is well versed to handle all your warehousing, storage and distribution requirements

With 24 hour security and a fully automated warehouse program for precise cargo control and reporting, your stock is always in safe hands and ready for picking be it long or short term warehouse storage.

Global Transport logistics also provides container storage, handling, container packing / unpacking service, consolidation and distribution

Warehouse , Storage & Distribution Services

  • Container Storage462440183
  • General Cargo Storage
  • Container packing / unpacking
  • Stock control & Reporting
  • *24 hour security
  • Consolidation service
  • Distribution